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Prof. R.C. Sharma Chair for Art & Archaeology

Two Months Certificate Course on Archaeology of Kashi (12.02.2013 - 12.04.2013)

Inaugural Session

Guest of Honour : Prof. P. Nag, Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi

Chief Guest & Key Speaker : Dr. B. R. Mani, Additional Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi

Release of Publication : Varanasi : Myths & Scientific Studies edited by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

The Course

Coordinated by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal, Fellow, Prof. R. C. Sharma Chair for Art & Archaeology, Jnana-Pravaha

The Important Lectures delivered during the course were as follows:

1. Discovery of Sarnath: Early Excavations and Later Researches by Dr. B. R. Mani

2. RS and GIS Application in the Field of Archaeology by Prof. P. Nag

3. Aims and Principles of Archaeology by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

4. Archaeology for History of Kashi by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

5. Discovering Archaeological Sites by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

6. Exploration of Varuna Valley by Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav

7. Digging Ancient Sites by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

8. Dating Archaeological Remains by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

9. Excavation of Kashi-Rajghat by Dr. B. P. Singh

10. Excavation of Aktha by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

11. Excavation of Satellite Settlements by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

12. Excavation of Ramnagar by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

13. Antiquity of Varanasi by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

14. Methods of Analysis: Typology by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

15. Ethno-archaeological Studies by Prof. Vibha Tripathi

16. Archaeo-metallurgical Studies by Prof. Vibha Tripathi

17. Contextual Study of Icons at Sarnath by Dr. Meera Sharma

18. Geo-archaeological Studies in Varanasi by Prof. U. K. Shukla

19. Archaeological Report Writing by Prof. Vidula Jayaswal

20. Sculptural Wealth of Varanasi by Dr. N. P. Joshi

21. Centrally Protected Monuments by Dr. Ajay Srivastava

22. State Protected Monuments of Varanasi by Dr. Subhash C. Yadav

23. Antiquity of Iron in Kashi Region by Dr. Rakesh Tewari

The theory classes went hand in hand with practical training (in-house), field training (camp), periodical visit to sites and report preparation.

Two Months Certificate Course on Archaeology of Kashi (12.02.2013 - 12.04.2013)


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