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June 2016
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1 August 2015

10th Prof. R. C. Sharma Memorial Lecture on Do Ideas Have Wings or Did Stone Travel? The Enigma of Mathura Sculptures in Early Historic India

2 August 2015

Special Lectures on (1) Kuttanimatam Mein Kashi Ka Samskritika Paridrishya : Natya Prayoga and (2) Prabodha Chandrodaya Mein Kashi

22 August 2015

Quiz on Great Men of India

18 September 2015

Samavartana Samaroha (Convocation) at Jnana-Pravaha Samskara & Anushthana Kendra

25 September 2015

Quiz on Heritage of Kashi

8-14 October 2015

Advanced Study Course on Religion, Poetry & Portraits in Mughal Paintings

15 October 2015

Special Lecture on Motifs in Baluchar Sarees

6-7 November 2015

International Seminar on Awakening the Light of Dharma : How to Uphold Dharma in the World Today

20-29 November 2015

Workshop on Thanka Painting

27 November 2015

11th James Prinsep Memorial Lecture on Varanasi in Light of Copperplates from Kamauli

28 November 2015

Antyakshari on Gita

6 December 2015

Prabhati (The Jnana-Pravaha Music Festival)

10 December 2015

Special Lecture on A Rare Group of South Indian Kalamkaris

28 February 2016

Vasantiki (Music Concert)

7 March 2016

Shrauta Yaga : Mitravindeshti (Vedic Yajna)

7-9 March 2016

Seminar on Upaveda Ayurvedah Chikitsashastrancha

Varanasi: The Essence of India

Varanasi The oldest living city in the world. Where spirituality and culture find shelter on the banks of the Ganga. Where the essence of India lives and breathes in a million heartbeats. And where Jnana-Pravaha is headquartered, overlooking the majestic Ramnagar Fort across the holy river. Less than a kilometer south of Samne Ghat, and two kilometers east of the famous Banaras Hindu University. Situated in an environment that is an oasis of peace, learning and reverence.

Jnana-Pravaha: The Culture & Knowledge Centre

Founded in 1997 by Smt. Bimla Poddar and Sri Suresh Neotia and nurtured by its Director, Late Prof. R. C. Sharma, Former Director General / Vice Chancellor of National Museum / Institute, New Delhi, Jnana-Pravaha today is a Centre of Excellence. It promotes, supports and propagates Indian Culture in its quintessence. And, when need arises, confers stipends and scholarships to serious students on research projects pertaining to Indian art and culture. Jnana-Pravaha, registered as a Trust on June 26, 1997, is a non-profit organization and exempted from Income Tax under Section 80G.The Institution remains closed on Mondays.

Jnana-Pravaha is also running a Centre in Mumbai.

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