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Shastrartha (Academic Debate)

The Academic Debate (Shastrartha) is organized by the Institution to promote the learning and deliberations in the traditional way. This practice is gradually dwindling for various reasons.

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Date 25-09-2003

Coordinated by Prof. Ram Manohar Mishra

Age of Kalidasa
Date 28-11-2002

Prof. Rewa Prasad Dwivedi and Dr. O. P. L. Srivastava presented their views in the favour of Shunga period, while Prof. R. C. Sharma advocated for the existence of the great poet in the Golden Age of Gupta period.

Age of Kalidasa
Logical Concomitance
Date 20-09-2002

Coordinated by Prof. Vasishtha Tripathi

Judged by Prof. Sita Ram Shastri and Prof. Y. K. Mishra

Participated by Kunj Bihari Dwivedi, Manoj Kumar Mishra, Vaikuntha Ghimre, Balram Kandel, Ram Prasad Pondel, Siddhidatri Bharadwaj and Bhuvaneshvari Bharadwaj

Logical Concomitance
Date 06-12-2000

Coordinated by Dr. N. P. Joshi, Prof. Shivji Upadhyaya and Dr. Kamal Kant Tripathi

Judged by the eminent Sanskrit scholars Prof. Sita Ram Shastri and Prof. Reva Prasad Dwivedi

In this Sanskrit debate, Shri Navaraj Sharma argued that the Vedas are human composition while Shri Ram Adhikari fought for the superhuman nature of the Vedas.

The Debate between Ashtavakra and Bandi in the court of Janaka as mentioned in the Mahabharata
Date 01-12-1999

Participated by Shri Rajeev Kumar Pandey (Ashtavakra), Dr. Sukumar Chattopadhyaya (Bandi) and Prof. Sita Ram Shastri (Janaka)

Dr. N. P. Joshi and Pt. H. N. Chakravarty acted as Judges

Dr. Pranati Ghosal responded to a number of questions relating to the contents of the debate

The chief characteristic of the event was the rendering of poetic Hindi version of the entire episode by Dr. Kamla Pandeya

The Debate between Ashtavakra and Bandi in the court of Janaka as mentioned in the Mahabharata