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Memorial Lecture

Some of the Memorial Lectures organized at Jnana-Pravaha are the annual features. These are held every year to cherish the memory of great scholars whose contribution in the furtherance of Indological studies is commendable. At present, three memorial lectures are organized annually by the Institution, viz. James Prinsep Memorial Lecture, Prof. R. C. Sharma Memorial Lecture and Prof. V. Venkatachalam Memorial Lecture. Eminent scholars from India or abroad are invited to deliver these lectures on a topic of their choice related to any aspect of Indology.

4th Prof. R. C. Sharma Memorial Lecture
Date 06-02-2010

A Pantheon Rediscovered? New Research on Terracottas, Ivories and Wooden Images from Early India

Delivered by Dr. Naman P. Ahuja, Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

4th Prof. R. C. Sharma Memorial Lecture


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