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National Seminar

National Seminars are organized from time to time on a theme related to Indian Culture, in which relevant scholars are invited from different parts of the country to participate and present their research papers. The Seminar proceedings are also published in facsimile or book form as per convenience of the Institution. These seminars are organized independently as well as in collaboration with other institutes.

Architecture in Kashi
From 01-08-2009 to 02-08-2009

Under the Annual Feature Radiance of Kashi

Chief Guest of the Inaugural Session: Prof. D. P. Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Keynote Address delivered by Prof. Thakur Prasad Verma

Coordinated by Dr. N. P. Joshi and Prof. M. N. P. Tiwari

Other Scholars Exchanging Views : Dr. Bhanu Shankar Mehta, Dr. Durga Nandan Tiwar, Dr. Usha Rani Tiwari, Ms. Aparna Tripathi, Shri Ratna Shankar Pandey, Dr. Amrit Lal Pandey, Dr. Jyoti Rohilla Rana, Dr. Abha Mishra, Dr. Rachana Sharma, Prof. Kamal Giri and Dr. Atul Tripathi

Architecture in Kashi


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