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There are a variety of programmes organized from time to time, which are not only educative and informative, but also inspiring and entertaining. These exhibit variegated colours and wide range of culture and heritage that India possess and which needs proper attention of the Indian citizens to preserve and protect these from vanishing from the scene forever. Some events are held to mark some special occasion or achievement of the Institution.

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Camp on Yoga
From 26-02-2002 to 27-02-2002

In collaboration with Department of Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Yogic postures demonstrated by Yogiraja Rakeshji

Camp on Yoga
Vasanta Puja
Date 07-02-2002

Thirty learned scholars recited portions from the four Vedas in accordance with different conventions in northern and southern India.

Vasanta Puja
Vasanta Puja
Date 11-10-1997

Traditional Vedic Recitation by Dr. Krishnamurthy

Dhrupad Recital by Prof. Ritwik Sanyal

Hari-Katha Kalakshepam by Ms. Uma Maheswari

Vasanta Puja