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Jnana-Pravaha Research Journal No.XXI
Author: Ed. Kamal Giri
Year: 2018
Price: Rs Rs 1200/- (Packing & Postage Extra)
Availability: Available

The ‘Jnana-Pravaha Research Journal’ No. XXI (2017-2018) contains the following thirteen research articles contributed by well-known scholars from India and abroad on various branches of Indological Studies :


  • Dhyani Buddha : Concept and Relevance by D.C. Bhattacharyya
  • A Rare Image of Ardhanari-Narayana by Devendra Handa
  • Some Aspects of Kashivishveshvara Temple at Lakkundi by Shrinivas V. Padigar
  • Begram Ivories and Their Allied Problems with Special Reference to Sanchi Sculptures by A. L. Srivastava
  • The Threefold Meaning of the Vishnu Anantashayana at Deogarh, M.P., India by Adalbert J. Gail
  • Gavaksha and Pipal-leaf Motifs : Hallmarks of Bhumija Temples by Kumud Kanitkar
  • The Cults of Pampa and Virupaksha at Hampi-Vijayanagara by Anila Verghese
  • Ardhanarishvara Sculptures from Chalukyas of Badami by K. M. Suresh
  • Centre Medallion Composition in Kalamkari Tray Covers by Anamika Pathak
  • An Apparent Oddity in Iconography by Tirthankar Bhattacharya
  • Airavatam Gajendranam by Shefalika Awasthi
  • Innovatory Forms of Jaina Images with Special Reference to Some Examples from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh by Maruti Nandan Pd. Tiwari
  • A Painted Enamel from Lucknow in the Jnana-Pravaha Collection by Anjan Chakraverty