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Jnana-Pravaha Research Journal No.XVIII
Author: Ed. N. P. Joshi and Kamal Giri
Year: 2015
Price: Rs 1100/- (Packing & Postage Extra)
Availability: Available

The illustrated Annual Report of the activities of the academic session 2014-2015 is published as a supplement of ‘Jnana-Pravaha Research Journal’ No. XVIII. Eminent scholars contributed the following eighteen research articles on various aspects of Indology:

  • Some Classic Examples of Medieval Kalachuri-Chedi Sculptures by M. A. Dhaky
  • Siddheshvara Temple at Sirur - A Pashupata Shaiva Monument : Architecture and Cult by Shrinivas V. Padigar
  • Shiva, Bull, Trident and Phallus - Numismatic Evidence by Devendra Handa
  • Chalukya Caves at Badami Reconsidered by Vasundhara Filliozat
  • Recent Trends in Rock Art Research in India by V. H. Sonawane
  • Somaskanda : Sculpture and Concept by A. L. Srivastava
  • Visual Representations of Four Sacred Sites of Tamil Nadu by Anila Verghese
  • Notes on Two Navagraha Panels from the Malwa Region by K. L. Mankodi
  • Painted Ceilings of Raja Patani Mall's Baradari by Anjan Chakraverty
  • An Unusual Loose Sculpture at Sopara by Kumud Kanitkar
  • Shri Padmanabhasvami Temple : Its Genesis Based on Legends, Epigraphy and History : A New Look by T. P. S. Nair
  • Kavi Kale : The Beautiful Art of Goa and Coastal Karnataka by Purnima Srikrishna
  • Maps and Map-making at the Amber-Jaipur Suratkhana in the 18th Century by Shailka Mishra
  • The Sculptures of Kamarupa : A Comparative Study with the Rest of India by Deepi Rekha Kouli
  • Bhadraghata by Tirthankar Bhattacharya
  • Newly Acquired Copperplate of Gahadavala King Govindachandra from Varanasi, VS 1208 (CE 1151) by Niraj Kumar Pandey
  • A Note on the Recently Explored Naga Sculptures in Pamba River Basin, Pathanamithitta District, Kerala by Ambily CS
  • Vishvakarmavatara Kokasavardhaki : Kailasa Mandira, Verula (Ellora) Ke Nirmata by N. P. Joshi