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Brahma's Pushkar
Subject: Arts
Author:Aman Nath and Kapoor, R.
Acc No: 5764
Call No: 01 / AMA
ISBN No: 81-7508-371-9
Publisher: India Book House Publishing, Mumbai
Year: 2005
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: World Art
Flames of Devotion
Subject: Arts
Author:Anderson, Sean
Acc No: 5889
Call No: 01 / AND
ISBN No: 0-9748729-3-8
Publisher: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural Histdory, Los Angeles, U. S. A.
Year: 2006
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Diffrent types of Lamps
Art Treasures of the World
Subject: Arts
Acc No: 97
Call No: 01 / ART
ISBN No: 0 601 07007 0
Publisher: The Hamlyn Publishing Group, London
Year: 1972
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: World's Art - Egypt, Iran, Greece, Rome, China, Japan, America
Subject: Arts
Author:Das, Jatin
Acc No: 4881
Call No: 01 / DAS
Publisher: Victoria Memorial & Infomation and Cultural Affairs Dept. Govt. of Bengal, Kolkata
Year: 2004
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Hand Fan
Elements of Indian Art
Subject: Arts
Author:Gupta, S. P.
Acc No: 4732
Call No: 01 / GUP
ISBN No: 81-246-0213-1
Publisher: D. K. Printworld, (P) Ltd., New Delhi
Year: 2002
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Fundamentals of Indian Art, Iconography
World Art Treasures
Subject: Arts
Author:Hindley, Geoffrey - ed.
Acc No: 4149
Call No: 01 / HIN
ISBN No: 0 7064 0993 0
Publisher: Octopus Books Ltd., London
Year: 1979
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Oriental Art, Islamic Art,Ethnographic Art
Masterpieces from the Robert Von Hirsch Sale at Sotheby's
Subject: Arts
Author:Pop-Hennessy, John
Acc No: 1549
Call No: 01 / POP
Publisher: Sotheby Parke Bernet, England
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Drawongs, Pictures
The Making of the Past Indian Asia
Subject: Arts
Author:Rawson, Philip
Acc No: 828
Call No: 01 / RAW
ISBN No: 0 7290 0046 X
Publisher: Elsevier Publishing, Oxford
Year: 1977
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taxila, Angkor
Animals in Art
Subject: Arts
Author:Rawson, Jessica - ed.
Acc No: 1032
Call No: 01 / RAW 1
ISBN No: 0 7141 0082 X
Publisher: British Musium Publications Ltd., London
Year: 1977
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Animals
Epigraphy and Art
Subject: Arts
Author:Singh, S. B.
Acc No: 4898
Call No: 01 / SIN
ISBN No: 81 7320 032 7
Publisher: Agam Kala Prakashan, delhi
Year: 1996
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism
Art as Dialogue
Subject: Arts
Author:Biswas, Goutam
Acc No: 2421
Call No: 01.1 / BIS
ISBN No: 81-246-0043-0
Publisher: D. K. Printworld(P) Ltd., New Delhi
Year: 1995
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: A Dialogical View of Rabindranath Tagore's Philosophy of Art, Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan's Phenomenology of Art
In Search of Aesthetics for the Puppet Theatre
Subject: Arts
Author:Meschke, Michael and Sorenson, margareta
Acc No: 2987
Call No: 01.1 / MES
ISBN No: 81 207 1400 6
Publisher: I. G. N. C. A., New Delhi
Year: 1992
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Puppet Show
Larousse Encyclopaedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art
Subject: Arts
Author:Huyghee, Rene - ed.
Acc No: 91
Call No: 011 / HUY
Publisher: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd., London
Year: 1962
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Prehistoric Art, Primitive Art, Agrarian Empires, Metal CivilisationsRoman Empire, Development of Art in ASIA
Vishwa Sabhyata ka Vaijnanic Itihas
Subject: Arts
Author:Tiwari, Ganga Sagar
Acc No: 3999
Call No: 012 / TIW.1
Publisher: Chanakya Prakashan, Allahabad
Year: 1988
Language: Hindi
Source: Gifted
Detail: Sumer, Bebilonia, Asiria, Kaidila,MisraHindu, YUnan, China, Parsik and Bharatiya Sabhyata
Vanished Civilisations
Subject: History
Acc No: 825
Call No: 013 / REA
ISBN No: 0 949819 18 2
Publisher: Reader\'s Digest Pty. Ltd., Sydney
Year: 1983
Language: English
Source: Gifted
Detail: Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient World, Bronze Age, Persoan Empire, Marine Archaeology