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Higher Research Project

Since its inception, Jnana-Pravaha is encouraging the advanced research studies in various streams of Indology. The following projects are in hand:

Ashoka: The Man and The King: Completed by Prof. K. K. Thaplyal, Former Dean, Faculty of Arts, Lucknow University and has been published.

Shilpa-sahasradala: Directory of Unique, Rare and Uncommon Brahmanical Sculptures (in 3 volumes): Jointly taken up by Dr. N. P. Joshi (Former Director, State Museum, Lucknow; Hon. Acharya, Jnana-Pravaha) and Dr. A. L. Srivastava (Former Professor, C.M.P. College, Allahabad). The first volume, comprising the images of Ganapati, Skanda and Shiva and the second volume discussing the images of Brahma, Vishnu, Surya, Lokapalas/Dikpalas, Upadevatas and Devapattas have been published. The third volume containing the numerous forms of Devi images is under preparation.

Research Projects in the offing:

  1. Murals of the Mahamaya Temple by Dr. N. P. Joshi & Prof. Kamal Giri
  2. Gul-E-Pashm: Kashmir Shawl by Dr. Rahul Jain
  3. Biography of Kalamkari by Dr. Omana Eappen
  4. Nakshi Kantha by Prof. Anjan Chakraverty