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Vedic Yajna

Shrauta-Yaga (Vedic Yajna) is extremely rare as the modern trend is to perform the 'Paddhati Yajnas' only. Such Vedic Yajnas are performed almost every year in the premises of Jnana-Pravaha in the Yajnashala containing five sacrificial pits (yajnakundas) prescribed in the Vedas. This event is aimed at the revival of the traditional yajna system, purification of the environment and seeking blessings for all living beings. The sacred fire is preserved throughout the year.

Shrauta-Yaga 2008
Date 06-03-2008

Shrauta-Yaga Mitravindeshti was coordinated by Prof. Yugal Kishor Mishra and Prof. Hridaya Ranjan Sharma

Performed by Ahitagni Mahadeva Shastri Agnihotri, Shri Shashi Kant Agnigotri and Group from Buldhana, Maharashtra with the help of other renowned priests from Nasik and Varanasi.

Shrauta-Yaga 2008


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