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Aims and Objectives of Jnana-Pravaha

  • Bringing together scholars of various nationalities on a common platform of cultural expression, leading to development and understanding
  • Furthering learning and investigation in ancient inscriptions and old and obscure Indian scripts
  • Advancing study and research in Indian art, culture and spirituality through higher research projects, seminars, symposia and workshops
  • Encouraging researchers through fellowships for deeper probing into the subjects pertaining to Indian Culture
  • Promoting Indian artistic traditions, the visual and performing arts through a series of performances
  • Motivating and promoting artisans to preserve traditional Indian arts of handicraft
  • Nurturing cultural values among children and youth by means of camps, quizzes and workshops
  • Training novitiates towards learned priesthood to cater to the future needs of the society
  • Reviving the performance of Sanskrit drama and Vedic yajna
  • Endowing scholarships to young scholars of Indian classical music for further training
  • Exploring and excavating ancient ruins of historical value